We are Miber Engineering.

Miber Engineering is a Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing company based in South East London. Our¬†specialities lie in delivering a fully-functional product from clients’ concepts, ideas and/or drawings.

Our ‘Design and Manufacturing Hub’ is conveniently located six minutes from London Bridge station. Here we have our design office and machinery all under one roof.¬†Whether you have a potential idea or require sub-contract parts from a technical drawing, please come to visit us, and we’ll provide you with a professional and competitive service.

  • Design.

    We offer a complete design service. Our philosophy ensures that every product we design will be produced and assembled in an efficient, effective and economical manner.

    Image of Miber Design.
  • Prototype.

    The prototypes we produce are fully-functional to allow testing and verification to be carried out. Where possible, we use the materials which would be used in the final product.

    Image of Miber Prototype.
  • Manufacture.

    All our manufacturing takes place in London. We can carry out a range of precision manufacturing operations including CNC Milling, Wire EDM, Turning and Surface Grinding.

    Image of Miber Manufacture.